Worldwide Women Writers in Paris

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Worldwide Women Writers in Paris examines a new literary phenomenon consisting of an unprecedented number of women from around the world who have come to Paris and become authors of written works in French. It takes as its starting point a series of filmed interviews conducted in the French capital, a set of recorded conversations motivated by a desire to pay homage to these discrete voices and images at a moment characterized by impressive diversity.



Pia Petersen is a writer who has ardently wished to avoid overtly autobiographical literary compositions, as she attests in her epistolary Instinct primaire. When I write my novels, I rarely use the first person and never as I. The I of fiction should touch the universal. Otherwise it isn't of interst to me. It is so easy to fall into the me, I. It is perhaps ironic that this reflection on her reluctance to write of herself is included in a profoundly personal text, the only such work that Petersen has written to date. This publication also contains an explanation of the complex ways the author both avoids speaking of herself and subtly inserts personal elements into her written work...